The importance of play is agreed by many. I personally prefer to have eli develop a love for reading more than play. Afterall, reading brings u to worlds u can’t go. Reading empowers one with knowledge and skill of perception which Dr Google can’t.

So after much inspiration from my eng mod…I supposedly went on a book craze buying satires, slapstick joke books and many brilliant picture books which I longed to have but haven got around buying them.

My buy from e book fair was awesome but not awesome enough. Come june, I will b redesigning my home space to accommodate a library & print rich envt for eli to start learning. The amount of things I wanna do..urgh…so much and yet no time!

And in e midst of all e madness, projects, assignments. ..We made time to e zoo where this post was actually drafted but never made to completion till now.
Random zoo trip. Just a family trip out. Giving eli e +1 to all e animals he knew. Totally loving it.

My brave boy not scared to touch a python nor ponies nor feed goats. Great job! Next he will attempt to conquer a crocodile or hug a mild panda. Will b looking on… :)😙

My weight gain journey is ever increasing.  Hates myself but e inertia to start exercising is diminishing day by day. Bad….okz I just want to have a healthy body albeit not a fantastic model one which every mum seems to b after after delivery. I am contented w my size during uni daya? Lol . Thanks to my pseudo twin by name – Eleanor, trips to amore is now gaining to b a weekly affair. Love this babe. Funny & sincere. Great!

Weekends!!!!!! It’s a blast & life keeps rocking!!!! That’s disregarding the 26 assignments and projects which I have left untouched.😩

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