What have I done?

It’s really interesting to pin down what I have down over the couple month. What really gets me down every other day is the vast amount of work that I have to clear as the datelines are getting nearer. Obviously, procrastination has to take a backseat as I deal with assignments day after day, doing bit-by-bit. It’s interesting how I only wanted to achieve a pass grade & I feel that I end up doing more for certain modules…anxious to be  in the average range than the bottom. 

It’s totally a assignment boot-camp.

Key takeaway? Great friends. Sharing our experiences, going through the same difficulties. Felt LOVED w all the encouragement + last min printing of notes for me…& great understanding of me concussing through nights when I just can’t stay up. LOL (blame on Eli..hahahaha)

English modules are particularly my love. Make me feel happy. I love reading & listening to stories.

1 particular quote that struck me:

Story always tells us more than the mere words,
and that is why we love to write it, and to read it.
—Madeleine L’Engle,
“Introduction,” A Wrinkle in Time

Inspired me to constantly building a library & wanna empower Eli to have a love for reading, albeit no writing. I love how Eli has garnered an interest in reading, remembering the story lines + singing certain songs/rhymes associated to each book.

Teaching has really increased my knowledge on how to go about educating Eli & helping children around me. YAY!

Great profession though will prefer if less can be expected of teaching from society’s viewpoint. 

Just a thought: Civil servants aren’t literally servants. It will be great if more time can be placed on planning & executing lessons than administrative tasks to benefit children in the long run. 🙂



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