It’s been a super duper long time since I managed to update anything on this blog. All thanks to practicum where I was so freaking tied up with planning and planning and more panning. So glad that it is over and now I am on a week’s beak prior to 2nd semester all over! 

How I wish time will just stop at this break for a short while…I think I need it!

These past few months I have been doing tons of observations, reflections and came to many conclusions. There are so many different types of people in the world. Specifically, there are so many types of parents in the world. Everyone tries to put up a facade that they are the best parents (e.g. on social media). Everyone paints the lovely image of a perfect family.

I realized that that’s not what I want my children to grow up on. I rather my son lives a humble life. At least a life where parents aren’t out to impress other parents that they are the best by supplying fantastic gifts for B-days (inculcating materialism is a huge no-no).A life where making mistakes are fine provided that he understands the reasons (logical consequences) behind every ‘no’ instead of just depriving him or telling him off. A life where parents bother to cook, clean, show independence on taking care of themselves; so that my children see a role model and emulate in the future (where they would need to take care of themselves, their own families) and not everything depend on grandparents. Many times, such family dynamics result in finger pointing on why their children turned out to be in a certain manner.

A life where parents are there with them every step of their lives midst of their busy schedules (out of genuine heart to partake in the kids’ lives and not another photo taking opportunity!). The best food, best clothes, best toys do not matter more than a genuine heart. As the road to mold my children’s character is long. I do hope I change my own character and personality to help mold theirs. 

I should and if I could, stay true to my very own core of being simple. In this world of materialism and hypocrites, it’s going to be a tough ride to being true to oneself. I am changing and I do hope in time, I can be a better person to show and influence my children. 


Meantime, thanks to all the friends out there. I cannot wait for the various catch-up sessions prior to all the assignments and planning of a new school term. Excitement! 🙂 


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