October Dreams

All deadlines are fast approaching on 10/10. I am quite looking forward to clearing this semester and enjoying e Nov,  Dec break.

2014 has been a good year of learning and upgrading. Of course my GPA could b much improved but for a working mum, my only wish is to get e cert and move on. Can’t wait to have my own class, own rules and own children to manage. At least /alas…more autonomy!

Not many can boast of being able to cook, clean and take care of a kid while studying and facing multiple datelines wo a helper or an in – law.  That said, it also comes with a price on myself. Eczema flared to become pscrosis,  weight soared and digestion issues sprout up as e year progresses. Sacrifices of a wife and a mum.

It’s quite interesting to hear how some of my ex colleagues telling me that they want to be hot mama or even a mum that is successful and that I should be more careful about my appearance and not center my life too much over Eli. True to certain extent that I have neglected myself too much apart from my periodical facials and massages. So I vow to make it good and better after this bb ‘Tarni’ as named by Eli, really taking care to not take everything upon myself.

But I guess my mantra still stands that no mother is a good mother if she doesn’t know how to take good care of her child. Taking care as in not to delegate to the maid to cook healthier dishes but herself knowing how to cook healthier dishes for her children. Taking care as not to throw her children to school to learn all e values and not reiterate the right mindset at home.  Taking care to teach academia, set routines and disciplinary actions instead of over indulgence or leave it to e grandparents. Taking care to not send children for enrichment for the sake of aspiring their children will be geniuses when they aren’t (one should know your child better than others) and set realistic goals for the children holistic development. Taking care to play with the child and not throwing the child to a maid or a tech gadget.

In midst of all, taking care that e hubby is also being taken care of and quality time is spent w him when e children are sleeping.

Planning to end 2014 with a bun in my tummy wasn’t as planned. Then again life comes with many surprises and this is one surprise that I hope to get over and done with. Unlike many other mummies I have read or come across. I suffer from morning sickness throughout e day which means that I can’t really concentrate on work wo wanting to visit e toilet bowl every other min. If only there’s e results wo e process. hmm. ..

As much as I lament and whine, I know that I am very fortunate to have a great husband, son, family and friends. May not have e most $ to own luxuries such as car and a high position in e working field but am still learning to accept and embrace plus be contented with my everyday small happiness.

Looking forward to many healthy, happy days ahead!

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