Pregnancy? !

What I like about pregnancy?  Nothing. Seriously!  If not for e outcome/result…there’s nothing enjoyable bout being pregnant. I am feeling uncomfortable everyday. I feel nauseous every other min. I vomit my food after every meal. Even drinking water ends up vomiting bubbles cum water.

I feel larthegic all e time. I deprive eli of play..making me feel even more guilty. I couldn’t even manage reading through a book wo feeling e urge to go to e toilet bowl.

Working is even worse. With already a terrible memory…now my working memory is close to nil. Assignments are harder to do day by day.

2nd trimester. If like the first, I would b sweating like crazy. I would feel so swollen due to my constant problem of bloatedness. I will have probs finding things to wear.  I will be worried bout more stretch marks though now it doesn’t really matter. The marks from e first pregnancy never went away anyway. ..

3rd trimester.  Elephant is me. Me is elephant. Have to lug myself everywhere. Taking kids out will b a chore. Poor kids. Can’t do much for them. Belittle myself. Grrr…so much things to do so little time. Sweat sweat sweat drip drip drip.  Snore like thunder.  Prob of gestational diabetes. No movement in tummy. .raise e alarm. Panic. Worried.

Last part. Delivery. Shiver like crazy on e metal bed. Epidural is damn scary affair. I never like it. Will never grow to like it. Doc, nurse, whoever just pray I go out safe and no side effects nothing.  I dun take too well to morphine. Vomit like nuts while being sewn together. Just gross. Those who said they cried when e bb is out. Never felt that. Cold hearted am I.  More like…omg…my bb is out! Finally out!  Now let me recover…zzzz

And the next 2 years become a whirlwind.

Gals that love pregnancy. ..they should thank their lucky stars that everything went smoothly for them.

Enough of whining. Suck it up and move on!

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