Ramblings alone

Uncle mark flew off to USA today. Sighz.

I miss having company at night to help take care of e son…with bb tarni causing morning sickness everyday.  Getting tiring. Cant handle so many things at night all by myself…

Sad part. Figure going downhill. I can’t stop eating and puking.  Weight just ballooning. Low self esteem. Sadz.

See so many preggy women w great glow. Me no glow…haiz. only turning into auntie…omg. what’s happening to me?!

Today was a pleasant time spending time w eli. It was quite sad for me to send uncle markie through e departure gates. Coz I felt alone. But eli made it all better. He was a brave boy.  No tears all smiles and we had quite a bit of fun in e airport after uncle markie left. Set me thinking. Actually I realised I never really left eli for more than a night.  I think it’s very difficult for me to ever leave him for more than a night.  Lol.

Fortunately it’s e hols. So I can stay at home and nurse my flu cum morning sickness.  Thanks to elis sch…eli gets his social life…still learn stuff while I get some free time lazing in bed.

As what uncle mark says…I am constantly hugging e toilet bowl. Hahahahaha so I definitely need me time to do so. Anyways shall hang in for 9 days. Seriously can’t wait!

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