Survived! Omg!

Eli has been so attention seeking while his beloved daddy goes on overseas trip to e states. So all thanks to e idiot box cum baths cum multiple toys could I get him to be distracted while I take a pee or check on dinner or take a rest somehow in e midst of all chaos.

He starts to ask for something. ..which meant biscuits tidbits etc…driving me nuts coz he just ate a decent meal an hour ago. Followed by milk…omg…

Fortunately I have his school to rely on for sanity for most part of e day before he starts terrorising me at night. Basically I cannot b out of his sight and during sleep time…his peculiar habit of having to hold hands started out of nowhere…jeez e insecurity.

Now that his daddy is back. I can’t wait to pass e baton and nurse myself in bed with e 2nd bb in my tummy. It’s getting tiring and trying.

Then again it’s so sad to hear him say he doesn’t want me anymore and daddy is his favourite of e day…Grrr…u grateful brat. Haiz..woes of motherhood!



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