The start to a new year w 42 new kids and 1 more to expect in may – jun.
First day of school was a disaster! I flooded my new laptop…totally unexpected. Surprisingly, I was seen to b super calm w a lot of os gg through my mind. What a freaking start. Thanks to a great bunch of obedient 42 kids…I survived e first week! Yay!

And e first week came w news that uncle markie has to make another trip to e states…leaving me to handle eli all alone. In my preggy state. Damn tiring.

Despite all, I did have time in e toilet to think through of my life ahead. With my hectic job schedule…(yes…seems more work this year w all e assigned duties increasing as e year goes..) and e idea of  managing 2 kids w no help, I am seriously contemplating of getting a helper. Weighing e pros and cons, I realised that I can’t seem to let go of managing my household and kids. I rather b more hands on in everything. At least I can control e quality and progress.

Set back? no time to preen and prune myself. So I thought am I happy w being seen as a 黄脸婆 over time? Nope. Do I have e luxury of time to exercise? Nope. Then freak…where do I find time for myself? Absolutely no clue for now.
Then came e answer. When I sent eli for his new found chinese class at tian hsia..that’s where I can have at least an hour to hit e gym in e future or have a cuppa w uncle markie. Is that e best option? No. I feel the guilt in leaving eli in a class to gain some personal time. But I guess that’s better than to hire a maid. Really do not want e extra financial burden cum responsibility of taking care another being.

So I have to grit my teeth and plan carefully on how I am going to manage my family in w future. Wo much help from anyone that is. Just this week wo cooking makes me feel so upset w myself. Eli and Zachy not getting e best nutrients. I can’t wait for mark to come home. I need sleep and definitely a well needed back massage.

All I hope is a blessed 2015!

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