Time off!

And b4 I know it…Jan is 3/4 way over. Investiture is over. I am half way into seeing bb tarni physically out in my arms. Not sure if I should be rejoicing over the impending lesson observations and trainings…😧 CNY! Yippee to some hols and festive spirit though albeit a small one. Hopefully I remember to wrap some ang baos w my goldfish memory now.

Truly I need a much needed time off from everything. Have been nursing this stupid flu since I was in my first trimester and it hasn’t really gotten better. Plus I wonder if there’s a no vomit pill or side effect when taking iron pills. Driving me nuts to constantly have to swallow down my urge to puke after eating that dreaded pill. So much so that I eat spinach and drink horlicks like crazy…feel like a sickly elephant walking ard.

As I plan my weekly lessons for my class, I am always inspired to plan activities to teach eli…but parenting is driving me crazy. I can’t fathom why eli rejects learning writing via letterland when every other day he is asking me for paper to do doodling. I dun ask him to write e letters but more so of tracing dots which he refuses w all his might and rather succumb to 1 corner and do his usual work of drawing circles and lines. Not that I mind…just finding it tedious to introduce structure in his learning. Now even doing e letterland actions becomes a chore to him. Yet everyday he torments me with e need to read put loud fairy tales…fractured or not. Grrr. Motivation no more.

Maybe I should outsource, outsource outsource and take a backseat in everything. From cleaning to cooking to teaching. Haiz.

So when will my time off come? Guess I can only wait till Mar. Till then…I hope I am still sane and holding up well.


Rascal w his mega plane. Maybe that's a sign!

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