How big can a belly gets?

According to my body size…I should have a flat small tummy. Since I was overweight prior to pregnancy…e tummy obviously does not concur w my body size nor height.

At 7th months now I look like I am due any moment. The dismay I feel when I have to open my legs wider to accommodate e belly when sitting down or squatting or even a simple lifting of e thighs. What did the freak I got myself into?!

The constant backache and desire for a massage everyday. The difficulty in breathing makes me feel like a fish out of water. Fantabulous pregnancy! Now I have a belly which officially defies gravity. Wow! I suspect e big belly contributes to e constant heat which I am feeling…yippee 😥

The past 1 term has also been a whirlwind where I am constantly marking my ass off to meet e upcoming bookcheck. Which I am still wondering why why why…unnecessary stress placed on unnecessary stuff.

I just want e hols to come so that I can bed rest myself for a couple of days b4 inviting e 2nd term of terror w lesson observations etc. Ict lesson somemore…logistics madness w e kids.

Maybe I should also line up a series of pampering treats to make myself feel better. If not for $ I wonder do I still work as hard?

Guess life can always be better and contentment is never enough for moi.

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