Final stretch to life changing moment?!

I officially am counting down..14 days to e birth of my 2nd son.

Will that change my life forever? That’s no brainer right.

Will that improve or worsen r/s in the family…hmm that’s a serious thought that I dun have e energy to deal with at the moment.

Will taking maternity leave change my duties in school? Definitely and crossing  my fingers…I do hope not. I really like my current class and wish to progress with them. Throw me a special need kid and I will have to re start all over 😥

Will my figure change for the better or worse?! I am still looking for e perfect remedy to get rid of all the stretch marks that I have obtained and thinking of getting exercise equipment to start my toning and losing of weight…can I even lose 0.3kg when my target is 30kg? Hmm

Hols for 2? Selfishly I do want a break from e kids to go on a couple trip. But the thought of natural disasters, planes downing, accidents…all make me re think e importance of enjoying freesom at the expense of leaving my young kids alone in e world and helpless. I think I really embrace the mindset of all for one one for all.

Save vs spend? I am trying hard. At 30yr old. I do realise that I have nothing much to my name. No high flying career with blitz and glitz, no travelling momentoz to brag about. No tumultuous relationships to share. No hot figure to brag about. Not in mood for cafe hopping…simply not a big fan of photography and food. Just plain simple go w the flow family life. I guess that’s why I stopped updating many posts on fb. Dull boring life I have. Given a 2nd chance. I dun think I ever will trade it for anything. I guess contentment at 30 has settled in earlier than I thought.

Maid? Nah. Coping alone as a couple has its perks. At least minimally I can walk around e house half naked, spoil my house items wo feeling indignant, burnt out doing housework yet indulge in the little joys personally. And not experienxing through eyes of others. Best part, I earn I spend. Not I earn to let someone enjoy e comforts of my home.
So w a new infant. Life just has to b better! And I do for once hope that life can b as peaceful as it is now.

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