What is going on?

So after a loooong break from writing…I thought it will be nice to continue once in a while. The idea is to rant, reminisce and most importantly to jot down thoughts so that e ‘me’ in the future has a chance to look back and reflect upon the old me. 

Now 2017, a mother of 2 boys, a teacher teaching lower primary…i do see the social fabric better. When i was in the media industry…things always feel so beautified, false and fluffed. It could be the way the industry was made to be. It could be the way people like glorified stuff and honestly, you can sell the truth which often is ugly to folks. Noone buys. But working as a teacher, I see much on the ground happenings which I am glad that I must have done loads of good deeds in the past to be able to live such a comfortable life in the present. There are just so many types of concerns to be worried about!

I am trying to inculcate this gratitude to my kids. Often I fail. But i do hope that they dont take things for granted and treasure every bit of experience, moments which many cant have. 

Now at 32, i have been gaining tons of weight. I am no longer slim, youthful…i do hope this will change. The determination is also not as strong as before. I am battling w heel spur, weight gain and other random aches which takes a toll on my body as each day progresses. All I try now is drink loads of water, eat less junk (tough call) and go yoga regularly. I cant wait for our new house to be ready so that maybe i can squeeze in regular gym time w my kids hovering around me. 

I do feel guilty towards zachy. He is not reading everyday and i am lazy to read now. I think this is really horrible and i must take it upon myself to guide him properly. It is tough having 2. Really. 😅 always telling my friends not to have kids. They are not a burden…but the initial years really not a breeze. 

Money wise…i am still broke. Hopefully my future me can be so much richer than the current me!

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