Batam took on a new meaning for us since it’s our first trip w Eli. Technically speaking, e trip is more of ‘Eli’s escapade extravaganza’

Prior to this trip, there was this mega packing which resulted in 1 luggage bag, 1 small carry on, 1 stroller and 1 carrier. The whole idea of traveling light is so over. Used to just pack a duffle bag and just in min, all ready…now it’s days of pre-packing.

A small tin of milk powder, diapers, toys, clothes, washcloths, rice cereal, bb biscuits, bibs, medicine, bottles, towels, blankets, bolster, body wash, lotions, even washing liquid and not to mention a whole load of his swimming items…gosh!

In Batam, came a series of taking turns to take care of Eli, making sure he is comfy and no
trying to play punk on us by screaming his lungs out in public…esp in e ferry.

So after all e lugging, hype and exhaustion, I thought that I would enjoy the 3hr haven spa wo Eli. Then came the terrible truth. I didn’t. At least not the part where they left me covered in mask or in e bath for close to 40min all alone. Being alone became frightening.

My mind started off w thoughts of oohhs and ahhs to hmmm to what’s my men doing? And it went downhill after that. At that point, I just wanna quickly get dressed and b w them. Yet I was consciously thinking that I must b out of my mind to wanna go back so quickly to e idea of looking after Eli. Talk bout wanting my personal space. Perverse to e max!!!

Nonetheless, I did enjoy parts of e spa and realized that it’s going to b a super long while b4 I can thoroughly enjoy such enjoyment wo having thoughts of major commitments at e back of my head.

Having a hol w a bb now longer becomes as daunting. Not exactly e kind I was expecting but it’s bearable.

Kinda wanna experience a longer haul trip in dec where I hope Eli will b more manageable.

Best part of e trip??? No need to care for spills, dirt and mess that we create along w Eli. Feels super damn good to leave e place knowing that I need not clear up after that. Of course a maid can easily solve this portion. Yet knowing that I can keep my house clean, care for my bud and family and earn my keep all at e same time makes me feel superbly powerful. All I can say is women are great creatures. Am proud to b one.

Of course special thanks to uncle markie (aka my personal butler) for making my life much easier and comfortable. See, I show appreciation ok! Jeez!!

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