New-found Addiction

To keep my sanity (after facing the loads of crying moments, diaper changing sessions and feeding epics), I have embarked on reading multiple blogs to kill time and upkeep myself with some part of the world out there.

Loving how “The Goat That Wrote” writes his entries on KR. Reminded me of the many wonderful moments that I had in KR too. Sad that I did not manage to do a good immersion getaway to really explore the place better. “Hey from Japan” was great! It seems years away since I experienced an Onsen. Gosh! The therapeutic effect after e submergence in scalding hot water (aka stress relieve) totally making me crave to be in Japan right this very minute!

Obviously, being a new mom, exploring mother blogs is a must. Though I was never a big fan of those sell out bloggers, then again, they do prove to be quite an entertainment. Apart from the usual – “angelatay”, “the savvymummy”, “Sanses” and “MotherInc, I think that ‘ang mo’ blogs are so much more fun to read. Look at “metropolitan mum”, “a modern mother”, “brixtonjunkies”, “allnewadventures”… Their kids get so much exposure, resources and MASSIVE land to really play and have fun. Of course, best part? Their kids are so damn gorgeous. Thanks to the ‘ang mo’ genes.

Made me wonder – what happened to mine. Sadly, he’s downright Asian. Hopes of turning him into any form of heart-throb has flown out of the window when baby acne sprouted out all over his face just within the first week of entering into the world.

(erm…Eli if u are ever reading this post in the future – dun worry. U still have a special place somewhere in my heart – *me gives a one eye wink* hehe¬†After which, please blame your father for any features that you deemed not satisfactory…teehee)