Confinement Chronicles – Week 1

I personally think that internet is a bane for confinement period. But what better idea to document this down since it will be most prob my final experience w pregnancy, confinement and all.

Prior to delivery…I already had master plans on the things I wanna get online. So what I did? My fave hobby…online spree.

What I bought? OMG…even I can’t believe myself.

1) Kitchen shelf – so that I can make sure that I have more counter-top space in my every cramping up kitchen.

2) Cable box shelf – so that I can make sure that my study table in my bedroom is clutter free

3) Ottoman – so to replace the magazine/newspaper rusty rack that I have used for the past 4 years.

4) Storage boxes – for what…still figuring out…I wanted to use them to store baby clothes/bags etc…

5) Bag Organiser – coz I decided that with all the SG50 bb packages, I have plenty of diaper bags hanging around

6) Multiple USB Charger – so that we can finally renew the current one to prevent explosion (constantly having this fear of it exploding since we have been using it for so many years)

7) Undies – though I am still using disposables…I personally thought it will be nice to get new, high waist ones to wrap my ever exploding belly.

8) Kitchen cooking set – simply cant stand the ones we have now. Need a change. Realised its more a want than a need

9) 10L waterproof bag – I think this was an impulse buy to compensate the impossibility of going swimming with Eli…since I dun have a beautiful bod now plus I cant go into the water…hopefully uncle mark will put this bag to better use

10) Lactation cookies – Life saviour! Especially at night when I am super famished. Ok dun judge me when I am not breastfeeding to the max…but I do get hungry after being a human pacifier every other hour. If only 3 years ago…there were such a thing

11) Stroller bag – Coz I foresee more bottles, more water wamers, more diapers, more everything to be loaded onto the small pram we have…grr…talk about logistics…

Ok..and the list still continues…coz I have not gotten more bb clothes, towels, bedsheets…$$$$$$ kaching kaching!

Week 1 confinement is passing by fast enough. I mean b4 I know…it’s Sunday! All e scary thoughts of going through e epidural injection, getting cut open etc..over! Never again. This time round I actually slept through part of e delivery process coz I felt too much pressure and they had to take a longer time cutting through my wounds..sigh…pains of a mum.

Needless to say..this time round e wounds are taking longer to heal. I feel e pain more intense than b4. Of course uncle markie said I was silly not to take e painkillers but I decided that I should rely less on the medication and focus on more positive stuff like busying myself around e house…eating and drinking and trying to produce more milk.

With e postpartum belt..I constantly feel e restriction in breathing…too loose and my back aches…too tight and anything I feed into my tummy makes breathing or lying down very uncomfortable and difficult. Painz!

I thought that postpartum sweats would take place immediately for me like how it happened in my first pregnancy. Immediately after birth! Then I realised that this time round it decided to come every night instead…which is quite tormenting to b sleeping perspiring like u are running in your sleep. But good thing is not much water retention felt during this pregnancy and postpartum.. 🙌

Zachary proves to b easier to take care of. I think that’s coz I am more acceptable to feeding him formula at night which allows me to sleep slightly longer…though he has a magic kind of sensor that refuses me to lie on my back for more than 10min b4 he wails loudly for either a carry or a suckle. Attention seeking. But dun they all!

Eli being a big bro now is showing defiance in other forms like constant throwing of tantrums…negotiations…seriously…to negotiate w a 3yo…Sigh…wonder at times who’s e adult and who’s e child.

All thanks to tingkat delivery….one thing less to worry and prepare. Food is good though I think I gonna have diabetes soon w all e red dates tea…gosh! And soups…all the soups..i dun even have e stomach to eat rice. Which is good I guess..but considering that I go hungry so quickly later on is also kinda irritating!

Today we managed to bring Zachary and Eli out for morning walk. So peaceful. I think I can enjoy more of such moments…ita quite therapeutic. To have a bb in my arms…a kid cycling and chatting beside me about e day…nice!

I am blessed. With good health, good kids, good husband and so far good family structure. Not e best but enough. Life compared to many can b worse. And I am constantly telling myself how fortunate I am to b born here. Meet e peeps who I meet and enjoy luxuries which many can’t even meet the basic needs.

This confinement period…albeit boring…i should b more determined to do more reading and reflections. Shall hang in there.