B-Day Feverz? Nah!

Since secondary school days, every birthday of mine, I will be doing some charity or volunteering work. Since I got married in 2009, that tradition has officially stopped. Partly coz I resigned from my post as a grassroot leader & the fact that my honeymoon, marriage & all took place in Dec & my birthday has became an ‘event’ itself. Missing those days really where I think it’s super essential to give back to society esp on my special day.

This year, b-days have taken a back seat as well. Unfortunately, it was less meaningful but definitely more relaxing.

It was a simple McDonald breakfast that started my b-day, followed by simple groceries shopping & a slack afternoon while uncle mark went for a wedding lunch. Of course in the meantime, I had to prepare his B-day pressie. Last min. I know. Just so happened that my fuzzy brain was not really functioning at all this whole Dec. So what did I get him?

His long-waited samsonite backpack (for work).It was definitely much cheaper than I thought. Super Surprised. Happy that I got a good buy. Their bags are really light & durable. And the 2 years warranty will come in handy if anything goes wrong 🙂

As usual, I wanted to get him the standard wallet (since his was at least a good 2yrs old) and a pair of specs. Sadly, the male fashion range in SG is super duper limited. Even the trusty braun buffel for wallets was atrocious. Material was lousy & the new range did not look sophisicated enough.  Opt Label at orchard central was DISAPPOINTING. All the talk about flown in fashion frames from Japan, they ended up freaky small. More catered for females I feel. The colours were also so-so.

Glad I bought the Samsonite bag instead. Then, he can stop hounding me on the fact that we bought a few hundred dollars diaper bag from Porter International which I banned him from using…hahahahaaha

Anywayz, after surprising him with his pressie at the airport (where he had his lunch), we proceeded to coffee club whereby I had the best milkshake. hahahahaaha must be the fact that I told them less syrup or something. Compared to previous visits at coffee club, this round the orders were well taken & prepared! Thumbs UP!

& then, it’s time for a quick exploration walk at the new Changi Point Mall & a B.F.F (best friends forever) promo at The Soup Spoon. Not that fab a dinner. But hey, it was still enjoyable. Also happy to receive tons of notifications & well-wishes msg on my phone. Though it really got irritaiting at one point that I was super tempted to off the buzzer…hahahahaha but really contented that pple took the effort to remember & wish me many returns on my 26th.

Today is uncle mark’s b-day. So what we planning? Nothing much. Just a scrumptious dinner + b-day cake later this evening after his work to celebrate him turning 29.

Next year…our b-days will be a SMASHING HIT. Eli will be around to personally share a gift with his father who is coincidentally turning 30. Can’t wait! 🙂

Parties of the Week

18-Jan, we went to Que Pasa + Number 5.

FUN FUN FUN…I really think that some gals bonding makes the life so much better. Bitch about things of all sorts, do nonsensical stuff, say nonsensical items & they just accept for who you are. Even if I fumble, mumble, jumble all my words & sentences…they seem to always understand.

Toast to this friendship of 8-9years! I really cherished our times together & ties formed.

Happy B-day Hua!!!


Company had a simple farewell for 1 of the gals that I didn’t get a chance to work with. Nonetheless, thanks to her, we get to eat at Artichoke & I am sure she will do well in whichever agency she is in.


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