Contemporary Clocks

I bought my clocks! Finally. So hard to get nice ones nowadays. Molecule is really over-charging.

Happy me! Well, hopefully I have the ability to make it look as nice since I will be the one pasting the stuff…hahahaha. & they cost me $100+ so it better be easy to paste & better look fantabulous.

A bit of DIY for the house…woohoo! Reminds me of Wang Lu Jiang. hahahaha..

Wooo…Jay’s song is ON..sighz back to work. 😦

Big Ben Bedroom - Nice Feature! 🙂

Master bedroom - Planning to paste beside the TV

Living Room - Beside Bomb Shelter - Loving the Squares!



3D images of my masterpiece

What’s best but to show off the innate ‘talent’ I have designing my house.

All the ugly nooks & creeks will be well hidden under my specially crafted designs.

Thanks to Jackson for his patience & willingness to accommodate my every little changes here & there.

SO…here ‘s the simple outcome of my house living room, toilets & kitchen.

Whoever copies my design…shall bear the consequences of me charging copyright fees…wahahahah (just kidding).

Happy that things are progressing well on the house though there is 1 part of me not very willing to move all the way to Punggol where I have to face the seriously fire hazard building called Punggol Plaza…

Oh wells…happy anyways! 🙂

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