A day out with the gals

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It’s been pretty long since I actually had a gathering with gals in a nice rosy cafe enjoying good food and company.

Indulging in small chats that are non-work related…just listening in to girly stuff and nothing too serious – is a really good break from all that I have gone through the past few months.

Prior to this outing, an incident did make me, and I believe my close gals as well, realized the true meaning of friendship and what it entails. Bit by bit we grow and rediscover ourselves. Our personalities, our way of handling situations. Some things/some people aren’t exactly how we will like it to be. We accept, forgive and try our best to forget and move on. Great to have these lovely peeps around me. Lucky me to even get to know them.

2013 – approaching 28 yrs old.

Budding career, have a great hubby + adorable son, great friends & colleagues.


Parties of the Week

18-Jan, we went to Que Pasa + Number 5.

FUN FUN FUN…I really think that some gals bonding makes the life so much better. Bitch about things of all sorts, do nonsensical stuff, say nonsensical items & they just accept for who you are. Even if I fumble, mumble, jumble all my words & sentences…they seem to always understand.

Toast to this friendship of 8-9years! I really cherished our times together & ties formed.

Happy B-day Hua!!!


Company had a simple farewell for 1 of the gals that I didn’t get a chance to work with. Nonetheless, thanks to her, we get to eat at Artichoke & I am sure she will do well in whichever agency she is in.


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