Hfmd Crisis

I thought it was a simple case of fever and sensitive skin. Unlike other children, eli’s skin has never been of the best. Bb acne and milia since birth plus ezcema, rough hands and feet are things I can deal with. Hfmd?! Sighz

As the term hfmd goes, there must b blisters on e hand, feet and mouth ulcers. Eli has only e mouth ulcers but a whole range of rashes across the arms, legs and butt. It was scary!

The moment the school called informing me about Eli’s high fever and spots spotted…I immediately rushed home and sent him to the doc.
Doc’s Response: It’s just fungal infection on the butt. Sensitive skin. Fever gone. Just monitor.
Medicine – I got the usual. Zrytec, paracetomol, fungal cream…

Ok. Relieved.

Then it got worse. More rashes across the legs, arms, face.
Took leave, sent Eli to the pd. Obviously, I was worried that the rash indicated chicken pox since there was a case in his school just a few days ago.
Doc’s comments on 1st visit:
Please observe…the rash can be caused by many different types of virus. Bad breath though. Please clean his teeth. Hmm, think you can observe for hand foot mouth. If got ulcers….please come back. But must be tml. Not open during the long hol period. Anything like vomitting, diahrrea, please send to KK.

OMG! Went home in difficulty. Immediately researched everything on hfmd. And wondering how best I must stock up the house with food and disinfectant. Afterall, we have to have homecook meals. Calls, plans…so many things. Dr Google obviously did a great job. Alleviated a lot of my fears. Prep me on the amount of things I require. Dr Google simply makes me feel that I am not alone.

So that night, 1 mouth ulcer was spotted. Disappeared. Came back…WTH.
Doc’s comments on 2nd visit:
Confirmed. Look at his throat. So red. No blisters on hands and feet. Will come in a few days. Monitor. Lots of fluid. No going out. Dun sleep together. Dun share bed. Wash hands.

Seriously. Dunno to laugh or cry. We have been sleeping together on and off during his sick times. Eli loves to stick around us like glue especially during his sick periods. It’s like making up for lost affection during healthy periods of time. Afterall, when he is healthy and able to run around like monkey…he never stick to us for long.

We did lots of marketing. Bought quite a bit of groceries to tide us through at least a few days.
Entertainment portion for Eli is the hardest. The toys he have seemed to only engage him for a few min. He gets bored super easy.

Day 1 (upon confirmation) – Word World. That’s like my saviour. Side track – he learnt a lot of words through this program. Dog, duck, shark, apple, bear, stuck, heart, balloon… Totally love this program. Then we drawings, fed him almost every other hour. Read books and played spot the items.
Football. His favourite spot. Actually anything to do with balls is his favourite.

Day 2 – Thanks to uncle markie…we have 1 more person to help entertain the LO. Played a whole lot of balloons, read more books, went downstairs for a short walk in his stroller while avoiding all the people around. Just wanted Eli to get some sun and be outside for the moment. Of course as civic minded citizens, we did not allow him to touch anything except his stroller and us. No playground nothing. Just pure stroll in the park. Thankfully, Eli was cooperative and he actually slept in the stroller, enjoying the breeze. Kudos to nature.

As this day also coincides with National Day, I made a small flag line for Eli to educate him on National Day and albeit proud of the country. We aren’t the most patriotic but we do express our thanks in littlest ways.

Day 3 – Dance in the morning, reading, destruction of magnets. Played rolling of balls. Watched Word World. And learning of more words. Finally he knew how to say ‘mummy’, ‘thank you’ and ‘puhlease’! Of course, on his whims.

In the midst of all, we cooked, cleaned and disinfected the whole house. Bought lotsa dettol. Despite the pd advice, we still ended up hugging and carrying him. So hard to avoid a toddler’s xxoo. Inevitable I would say. Snacks of all sorts are also a favourite. We fed Eli with loads of fruits from watermelon to dragonfruit and apples to oat crackers, bb star cereal, milo and his black rice cereal. Anything to keep him hydrated and happy. Hates a crying fellow.

Watching movies and catching up on my dramas are also a must. Afterall, I am so intrigued by the sick humanity of personas featured in Çrazy Love that I so must carry on watching to see how the story develops. Then we have variety show to add a tad flavour in the genre of shows that I am watching. We also caught some movies during the pockets of time where Eli sleeps. Under the Tuscan Sky is one of the best movies we reminisced. Great show.
We still have 3 more days to go.
Fingers cross that Eli will be well on wednesday.

Being the responsible me, I do wonder how best I can finish the syllabus with the children and aid in revision if I am not ther. Am worried about their grades since exams are approaching. Especially the headache they gave me on the recent chapter where I even specifically went through every question. Grrr.

Anywayz, I think we handled things as they come pretty well. Glad it happened all during the long weekend break. Guess, things do happen for a reason.

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Revisiting America’s TV Series

Being a drama addict, I can’t help but exhaust the list of taiwan, hongkong and korean dramas so damn quickly.

Just the past few months, I think I have watched at least majority of the major hits of 2012 across all the drama lists. Totally feeling B.O.R.E.D. Thankfully I can survive on Dramabeans + Running Men + 2 Days 1 Night (occasionally…still cannot overcome the change in cast…bleh) weekly. Though I miss having more in-betweens.

With Glee Season 4 and How I Met Your Mother Season 8 coming up…and my fave Masterchef US Season 3, boy I am glad. Great tunes, great plots, great silliness and fantabulous entertainment!

Love the intensity of the series in all and kudos to uncle markie for being the sole provider in everything including my americano dramas! LIKES!

How can anyone live without TV? Me no fanthom…hahahaha I am such a screen addict that I am truly amazed with myself sometimes…

GOSH…I just can’t stop gaga-ing over all the newest glee renditions of the songs. They are really wonderful. I can replay them million times and still be in love with the various songs. HUGZ!

Totally Happy…life is really all about simple joys!