Series of Fevers & Flu

When I started vomiting in the toilet every other morning…there were 2 possibilities that flashed through my mind. 

1. Pregnant. Now, I look pregnant. Unfortunately, I am not. Just fatz. 

2. Uh Oh. Flu coming. Stupid mucus stuck in between my windpipe and gullet area. Sick. 

Of course, the 1st option is out since I just had my period. So option 2 it is. 

It’s really fine being sick and all. Not able to hear my beauty voice as per normal. Having to deal with mucus overload + ear blocked + unable to project my voice etc are incomparable to Eli falling sick. 


The silly way life paves out for you. Time for vaccination, Eli had HFMD. Finally, able to get a slot with the anchor doctor in the same clinic, Eli started to have fever. GRRR. Totally never know when we can complete the stupid jab. 

And I was still thinking of getting Eli the Chicken Pox jab once this MMR vaccine is over. URRGGH. 

Hate it when children fall sick. I was so in shock when I saw Eli’s temperature at 39.4degrees, 3am last night. That’s the funny part. He goes through the whole day in school not having any fever or symptoms of any illness and his fever comes back ridiculously high in the middle of the night. Whatever flu bug is this, please just leave us alone. Exhausted.

As I am typing this, I am blowing my nose hard on whatever scrap of paper I can find. Gosh. So difficult to even breathe. 

All I can hope is for this crazy bug to go away. Guess it’s high time to sterilize my work area.