Toddler & Vacation

Prior to my Taiwan hols, we did a lot of research and packing. Really scared to be missing out on any details to entertain and care for the little one. Albeit 17months with better immune system, Eli still required tons of TLC and we were afraid of the illnesses that may come during the trip.

The amount of items we packed for him goes on and on. The only item surmountable would be his crib – we gladly left it in Singapore.

The anxiety started just a day before departure. Eli was done with fever and a slight flu. We self-medicated. Monitored. Alternative plan – searched through all our itinerary and started thinking of how to claim insurance. Dealing as best as we can with the situation.

Fortunately, Eli became better with lowered temperature and we set off w uncertainties.

Plane ride with a toddler. My first time. How I felt? Super anxious and afraid. I was certain at that time that Eli would kick up a big fuss. Uncontrollable ruckus. Other passengers’ glare and disapproving looks + thoughts. Stressed. Armed with a whole load of entertainment, we brought stickers, handheld toy, story book. I was totally expecting SQ to provide me with some fun entertainment for children but they sadly just provided me a small pen and book which Eli did not even take a second look at.

Thanks to the toddler biscuits, small teddy bear and stickers, we made it through the flight. OMG! It was quite chaotic the first time round. Having to prepare milk, patting him to sleep, feeding him constantly with food of all sorts, changing diapers and trying to prevent him from going anywhere – Challenging. Fortunately for other toddlers on board as playmates, I think we pretty much made it through and through. Whew.

Just into the 2nd day, Eli suffered a mild heat stroke. That once again created another change in the itinerary. I was quite upset initially. No more going to Cingjing Farm. $ wasted. Efforts in liaising with driver etc…all gone down the drain. Grrr…Then again, the poor fellow had to see a doc. Near our hotel, we met a really nice doc who was able to advise us considerably. After his advice, Eli’s diet took a complete change. No more constraints on the food we give him. Anything also gives. As long as the poor boy was eating and DRINKING, we were happy. Fortunately, no diarrhea experienced. Lucky us. I never ever thought of giving Eli fruit juices coz of the high sugar content, isotonic drinks, sesame mee sua, sucking on duck wings/chicken leg, roast pork rice, buns of all sorts, porridge with loads of condiments, tea leaf egg, sushi rice with tuna etc etc etc…and YES. WATERMELON CUM PAPAYA CUM APPLE…tons of APPLES. That settled the boy and drove the heat stroke away.

Then came night terror. So Eli was happily playing till he was so tired out and yet refusing sleep. When it’s nap time, he started to sleep in a sitting up position in my arms, as we were in a cab. Any slight movement of my arm caused him to scream at the top of his lungs with eyes opened widely staring at me and yet not registering me at all. No amount of patting, changing of hands to pacify him worked. So we stood outside Taichung Sogo’s entrance with a wailing baby shouting and screaming for close to 30min before we decided to just head back to the hotel before we got chased away. It was utterly embarrassing! The people around me must be wondering how come 3 adults cannot pacify 1 child. What’s their problem and poor kid. We did the best we can to no avail. It was only at the hotel when Eli really quietened down and slept through. Boy, he must be tired. Tired me as well. Night terror is really no joke! Experiencing it firsthand made me think twice of disturbing his sleep EVER.

What’s best for a toddler on vacation? Indoor playground. Thanks to Taiwan being a baby friendly nation (more friendly than Singapore), we were very happy to see a lot of nursing rooms, hot water dispensers and playgrounds built specially for children/mummies in the shopping centers and around facilities like the MTR etc. And boy, the playgrounds were CHEAP! $8 for 2 hrs play. The playground had more facilities than I ever see in Singapore. LIKES!

Worries like lack of milk and diapers at the last day also happened. Thanks to uncle markie and poor him, he had to rush to Carrefour to purchase milk. In his haste, he fell and hurt his knee. Common knowledge like knowing to mix new milk powder with old milk powder had to come in and we were so afraid that Eli would suffer from diarrhea from the slight change in formula. Thankfully none of it happened and he was still a happy baby. We brought sufficient diapers. How sufficient? The last diaper we had was used up the moment we touch down in Singapore. Lucky Lucky.

Vacation with a child is just not easy.
Will I travel with Eli again?
Definitely but I think I will require a longer vacation after that.