Prawnies! YUMZ!

On sat..after class, we had a huge mission! Go Prawnie Fishing! We have thought about it for a long time…it’s been 2yrs since we last went!

So funny..we were supposed to take bus 31. Thanks to me..I thought that bus 10 can take us there as well. So happily, we alighted at some bus stop that is right after St. Pats & walked into the small lane. I was so excited & I told Mark to trust me..confirm we will get there…as long as we keep walking straight towards thedirection of the SEA!!!

So we trudged on to freaking CHIJ Katong Primary School & realised it’s a 1-way road…hee2 so no choice la..have to u-turn & walk out of tat road. RICH people who stays landed property are so lucky lor…they dun need their 2 legs.

So Mark & me..walked on…hahahahaha as usual, he needs to go we walked at amazing fast pace = he 1 step, I 2 steps. After 30min walk – pass Tao Nan, pass many many HDB flats, we finally saw the tunnel!

Tunnel of Hope + Toilet

Thought my legs were going to break…Been a long time since I walked so much!

Reach there..wa..tat BBQ steamboat smell was VERY GOOD LA…so tantalising! Can’t stand..but since we are on budget..we went to eat at the HK cafe. Ermz…disappointed..but Mark seemed to enjoy his food. & I saw the couple beside me taking pic of the food. I was repulsed. They were using the huge SLR cameras to take as though the food is so much of a delicacy. To me, since it was COMMONLY FOUND. I only took 1 pic & decided to not continue since the food was not worth my effort.

WHEE!!! then it’s off to PRAWNIE FISHING!!! Guess what? The freaking place was in front of us..but we took some time to find it… about being road smart, Markie!

Wa…I first saw the water…super disappointed. The water was dyed. DUN LIKE! Which means I can’t see the prawnies! There goes my hope of using a net to fish them out 😦 (ok, fine I know it’s not alloweD).

The place where we prawnie

(We went at night…the pic was taken from the owner’s blog..whahahaha)

So..we PRWANIED! 2 rods, 1 prawn net for our catch, unlimited amt of bait (chicken heart) + 3 hrs = SET TO CATCH PRAWNS!

Markie said that we cannot use the worms..coz have to pay $2 extra…Fine! Chicken heart less smelly. I remembered last time we used that clam…WA stink to the max!

As usual, we are catching the BIG HEAD prawnie! 1st 10-15min passed with no catch..then we went on a roll! Every min Mark caught 1, I caught 1…it went on & on for max 40min then more people came….prawnies no more…we sat & wait & wait..then came SAVIOUR *** UNCLE PRAWNIE!!!

He threw NEW prawnies into the pool…wahahahahaha excited us..coz he threw GRAND PRIZE K…a prawn that is AS BIG AS a baby lobster…though half of the size is due to the head…

Wa…by that time..I was determined liao…we set goals liao…30PRWANIES by 3hrs time. wa…wait & hot & there were all these stupid flies around. Me had to go buy a drink to feel better.

Then Markie got pinched by a prawn..wahahahaha left 2 holes in his hand..I see also feel pain…then along the way..his rod caught a prawn & another gal at the other end of the pool got her line hooked onto Markie’s rod…SO FUNNY…wahahahahah they had to walk to the end of the pool with their rods up in the air attached…Markie was kind..he gave the prawnie to that gal…THOUGH seriously…that may have added to our total sum of prawnies caught!

AT THE END! We were COOLZ with our catch! 27prawns altogther! Could have incuded 1 pregnant prawn(we have experienced this..NO NO NO…they are not nice to eat much roe that u have to scrap them away) + 1prawn which Markie donated away

What we did to them? Fried them for dinner!!!! YUMZ We did not suck the prawnies’ heads..coz seriously they were too big..but it did remind me of Joanne hahahahaha

Now, new mission! Night Cycling!

Loving Harris

What’s the best way to spend  a weekend???

HAVE A AWESOME GETAWAY!!!! Once again, my annual pilgrimage to Harris Batam Resort. This time, was to spend our 5yrs 5mths anniversary. Thanks to the GM & his whole load of supportive staff, it was AWESOME!!!!! They upgraded us from their trendy funky room to the Japanese Suite after knowing that it was our 6th time in Harris & were spending our anniversary there! Think the GM must be thinking this couple do support them to the max! Which is absolutely the truth anyway…how many people visit batam like us…hahahahaha

The upgraded room was freaking big..basically 2 rooms combined into 1. It came with a stone bath, fantastic service & japanese style bedding. COMFORT & TOTALLY FANTABULOUS! We even had to share our room with some birdies & their babies coz they decided to build a nest there…not that we are complaining…since the room is big enough to share…hahahaha

Next came teh surprise @ 9pm on saturday. Ok, not much of a surprise but I am very pleased by the enthusiasm that the staff had. It was really really tiring & yet they still went all out to sing & dance for us. PRESENTING US our Anniversary cake. Didnt manage to take alot of pics with the team coz they caught me by surprise when I was in the toilet but the atmosphere they presented was totally a big WHAM! This time round, the spa treatment was VERY VERY GOOD! I actually fell asleep & snore as usual…uncle mark still said the lady laughed at me…but kudos to her for massaging me till I could actually fall asleep despite the pain…hahahahahaha

Harris is still ultimately my fave! Looking forward to visiting it again later in the year! YIPPEEE!!!!!

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Lucky Uncle Mark

Yesterday…me went to Urban Write & got Uncle Mark his long time desire of HEADPHONES!!! Not cheap..but at least it fits his big mega ears…wahahahahaha…& it comes in multi-colours…quite pretty…so uncle mark got his nice pressie…& of course…this weekend, we have another surprise!

Our dear Harris team will be sending us a nice cake with maybe a complimentary Harris band? hahahahahaha excited to the max!

Cant wait for today to end & then it’s time for my weekly dosage of 2 days 1night. Starhub better dun play punk on me again! I DUN WANT TO SEE REPEATS…any repeats..I will definitely write a nasty letter to complain. People pay cable for variety of shows not for repeated shows!

YIPPEEE…Friday, my BFF you always make my day! I LOVE U!!!!! 🙂 Jay Chou…you should make Friday your bff..then you wont write depressing songs like superman cannot fly…oh wait..hahahahaha maybe u dun need a friday since everyday u are quite depressed.

Proposal – in my fave island – Batam (how exciting)

Phuket Trip – 2007

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