Hongkong 2014

Magical Disneyland now takes on a new different meaning for me. It used to be a land of laughter and happiness. This trip adds on another layer of love! It’s so cute to see Eli’s reactions to the rides and meeting the Disney characters upfront.

This trip was hectic. First day, we arrived rather late and could only manage to go to Avenue of Stars to see some sights. Then again, it’s the same sights with BIGGER billboards and flashier neon signs. Second day, we woke up rather early to catch the boat to Noah’s Ark. Not a very popular tourist destination in HK but it was a good experience. The island was very self-sufficient and totally resemble Sentosa. As usual, anything to do with animals is Eli’s fave.

Third day is OMG Disneyland. I apparently caught the flu bug or suffered from the bad air in HK. Couldnt breathe properly without wanting to sneeze every other min. GRRRR….spoilt the fun. Didnt even stay for the fireworks. Good thing is Eli is properly entertained by all the rides and shows. It was still fun!

Fourth day was Macau. Disappointing. Nothing fantabulous. Thanks to Dreamworks, it was still a trip to look forward to. Eli loves Alex and of course, he got 1 to bring home. Toothless was super duper real! The person in the suit must be sweating like hell from the yoga position.

Last day, we headed to Citygates and did some shopping. AH….end of HK trip. What have we done?! Time just zoomed past. Thankfully I love vacations for the ability to stay in hotels and not do some cooking or cleaning for once. YIPPEEE!!

Back to SG – reality check.

Maybe the next holiday to Aussie will be more relaxing and happening. Time to start planning and hitting the Google travel button for more tips/deals/whatsoever!


Many firsts

April’s many firsts – mainly for Elijah!

Infant Care
Though he spends just half a day in e infant care…seeing e potential of him making many friends + sparing me some ‘alone’ time makes me happy & bubbling w excitement. Gosh I miss my little bits of freedom here & there.

Of course…that’s also exposing e little guy to more germs…but what e teachers say make sense. His immunity has to b built up. It’s either now or in e near future. It’s all a phase he has to go through. Naturally he still adjusting to e new envt…crying is inevitable! Just funny as to why all bb dislike sleeping in e cots…hmm

I do miss him when he is not around for those few hours. Constantly at e back of my mind. Guess that’s motherhood for me!


Wearing 6mths attire
I do know he is huge for a 2months going 3 baby. E fact that he can squeeze into this oversize bodysuit (catered for 6mths)…I am raising a giant?!

Foresee mega backaches!


Bb Carrier
We always wanted to squeeze Eli into a carrier so that we can bring him around wo much difficulties. Pushing a stroller is great just bulky. Kudos to me! I managed to fit Eli in properly and even made a short trip to punggol plaza. Love e handsfree moment. Though I could see Eli perspiring and not enjoying e carrier that much. At least he slept through his situation! Likes!

Best part! He is starting to smile longer and more frequent now. Happy bb!!


Next update should b on me! Whee…many starts for me coming on…excites and can’t wait!