Never Been So Ill

Started off w headache, cold feet and hands. So while I was taking care of Eli, I had to run to e bathroom many times to vomit. Sucks!

Thanks to my mum who came over to help for e past 2 nights because uncle mark also ended up sick w e exact same symptoms. So noone could actually do e nightly feeds except my mum. Thankfully Eli was somehow well behaved and did not cause major trouble.

Sometimes I think he behaves better in front of strangers then his own parents!

So now, fever gone, headache gone, vomit gone…just left this pesky diarrhea that’s tormenting me. It’s tough…not able to complete anything as I have a strong urge to just stay in e washroom permanently.

Sigh…hates being sick! Affects my milk supply drastically too. Think it may b a sign plus time to wean him off and start formula.

I am constantly thinking of buying a weighing machine. Wondering where I can find a good one. Hmm randomness

Independent Motherhood

When I read on multiple forums on mums managing themselves taking care of multiple kids, I though it would be easy taking care of Eli alone.
So moving back to Punggol did not seem like a daunting task. Afterall, I am only handling 1 kid.

Things totally went unexpected. Considering that I am breastfeeding (which is btw, a freaking tiring thing already), I had to also take care of the house + my meals.
As Eli proved to be quite decently all right in the day at my parents’ place, I thought, “Well, things will jolly well be the same. I can definitely manage + even bake a cake in the midst of everything!” Apparently, I was too optimistic + too naive.

Eli decided to play Devil and totally thwart all plans. Felt super drained out the past 2 days. Gosh! Only 2 days have passed despite all the flurry of breastfeeding.

So if I want to compare the routines at the 2 homes, here they are:

Routine during confinement at my parents’ place:
6am – Feed & pacify Eli to sleep + change diapers
7am – Wash up bottles + myself + apply cream + take supplements
8am – Breakfast
9am –¬†Feed & pacify Eli to sleep + change diapers
10-11.30am – Eli’s awake moment aka long time pacifying him; otherwise, it’s my free time to surf net or read e papers/books + expressing milk for few night feeds
12noon – Lunch
1pm – Massage + break away from Eli (thanks to my aunt for helping)
2.30pm – Wash bottles + myself (again)
3pm – Feed & pacify Eli to sleep + change diapers
4pm to 6pm – Love this moment Eli just sleeps through. GORGEOUS! Best time for me to catch my drama shows! I even have time for snacks! + expressing out milk enough for few night feeds
6pm – Feed & pacify Eli to sleep + change diapers
7.30pm – Time to hand over to my mum/uncle mark + Dinner (in peace) + catch abit of TV shows
9pm – Feed & pacify Eli to sleep + change diapers (it’s easier as uncle mark/my mum will help)
11pm, 2am – Feed & pacify Eli to sleep + change diapers (done by uncle mark while I get some beauty sleep)
4am – Feed & pacify Eli to sleep + change diapers (& the routine continues again)

Routine at Punggol House:
6am – Feed & pacify Eli to sleep + change diapers
8am – Feed & pacify Eli to sleep + change diapers
9am – Wash bottles, Breakfast, Write Blog, Surf Net (Aka what I am updating now), prepare lunch + apply cream + take supplements + expressing milk for seriously only 1 night feed…etc…
10am – Feed & pacify Eli to sleep + change diapers
11am – Feed & pacify Eli to sleep + change diapers
12noon – Feed & pacify Eli to sleep + change diapers
1pm – Feed & pacify Eli to sleep + change diapers + squeeze in bites of lunch
2pm – Finally some form of rest… zzzz + wash plates + throw rubbish + go toilet (always forgetting) + bathing + clean house
4pm – Feed & pacify Eli to sleep + change diapers
5pm – Feed & pacify Eli to sleep + change diapers + squeeze in time to defrost items for din din + cooking whatever I can with 1 freaking hand for din din with the other carrying the fussy fellow
6pm onwards – Throw him to uncle mark while I finish up things done halfway in the day or just pure washing after din din

Super tiring! How did those mums manage to even bring their older kids out to play while managing the infant?! It’s totally clueless to me right now. At Eli’s 1mth old period, these few words just keep on playing in my mind – backache, tiredness, fatigue,¬†lethargic…hopefully things will perk up before I go insane on just purely breastfeeding every other min. Which also means that now I breastfeed so often, I actually lack of enough milk to express out for the night feeds – aka – having to also breastfeed at night….sobz…no more beauty sleep (I foresee).

And the routines bloody eliminates the washing up of his clothes + every other cloths used & bathing him. Can’t handle everything…so leaving the washing of Eli & his items to uncle mark.

Advantage? I am now a master of doing things 1-handed. The other? Lifting the weight of Elijah Sng – who is getting damn heavy that my back aches at the thought of carrying him continuously for a few hours. And I even boasted to uncle mark previously that I will definitely bring him down every day for a walk in the park. Now?! What walk? I need sleep URGENTLY so just get that fuss-pot into bed RIGHT NOW! Sighz…

As per what my cousin told me – Enjoy Motherhood!