Nebulising Eli = uphill task!

After reading this mum’s blog entry. ..It’s comforting to know e similarities between her child & eli. E elmo obsession is smth I use as well but much force is still required to get eli to plaster e mask to his face. Today after much cajoling (stickers, tickling, singing songs) & trying to make e whole affair fun…eli managed to breathe in for 10 counts. Though little,  I am not complaining. It’s a start.

It’s still a chore to get him to take medicine since we strictly deprive him of sweet drinks. Rather he does not like them much.  Not even milo. It’s very fortunate when pediatricians from thomson & raffles gave e green light to feed via milk. Apparently, there’s many mums out there who does the same.  Just spoke to some parents today and they shared their way of feeding milk. Exactly e same!

Sometimes I feel that too much autonomy is given to Eli. Independence trait I do see in him yet sometimes I rather he let us do e best for him.

E fighter pilot pic taken when Eli was 6mth old does help as well. Maybe tonight’s dosage we can proceed to 20counts.