Contractions & Addictions

I am absolutely looking forward to the arrival of Elijah. However, it was not very pleasant yesterday at the weekly routine check-up to know that Eli is gradually having little space in me.

His poor knees are bent to accomodate his large tummy. I totally blame uncle mark for having his height. Recently, Eli is also getting quite a bit of hiccups – which explains the pulsating effect that I feel every night. Poor kid. I have issues of hiccups. Didn’t know it was ‘hereditary’.

So as per the lastest scan, I am having contractions that I am totally clueless about. TakingVentolin now which helps prevent preterm labour. The side effects only were felt when I left home for half an hour to get lunch. The cold sweat and trembling is no joke. I thought I was about to faint outside. Every step I felt woozy.

Well, as long as I do not give birth at home, any pills prescribed to me – gladly take it! I dun really want to go through the pain of natural birth. The pain doesn’t sound ‘natural’ at all. Even while typing this entry, I feel pressure below which makes me wonder are those even contractions or just purely my imagination.

It’s so scary!

While, fortunately I have Kairosoft games to help me pass the time & distracting me from the pressures. Anxiety wont help. I just want Mon to come quickly & see Eli face to face & start on my recovery process. After which, a safe entrance to NIE & start of juggling between work + kid + family + friends + exercise all over. Looking forward. I am officially tired of bedrest.

Tml will be a busy day packing up clothes & stuff to my parents’ place. Shall hang in there!


Home Bumming?!

I have been bumming around home lately. Refuse to do any productive work. Refuse to start reading ‘nutritious books’. Just wanna slack all day at home & watch the clock go tick tock tick tock. Now that I am only days away to school re-open. The panic DNA in me is screaming. The lazy side just wants to ignore & still continue slacking. Amazing.

Then how I whilst the past week away apart from slacking & surfing the net?

Surprisingly, I still got parts of my media project done. Made lots of calls, do up plans, discussions, blah blah…& also go for classes…hahahahaha

I even managed to spring clean up my house, re-pack all the clothes + get things packed for Eli’s future arrival. In the midst of all still cooked up a storm almost every other night for Uncle Mark. Can’t believe that I am such a good housewife. Was so proud of myself for being able to whip out new dishes every other day. According to Uncle Markie, my dishes wont that bad…hahahahaha but I did deliver a superbly failed attempt at cooking black beans chicken wings where the wings were undercooked though it looked super cooked.

Indulging myself in pampering treats finally no longer took a back seat the last week. I actually, finally picked up the bloody phone to make an appointment for a pre-natal massage. It was seriously FANTABULOUS! Regretted not starting earlier. I now know why my aches never go away despite much massaging from Uncle Markie every night. Because there’s no experts to help rub my whole body (exclude tummy) & be confident in pressing the right pressure points to help relieve all the sickening pains & aches. Can’t wait for the next week’s massage appointment. Totally looking forward.

Managed to incorporate time for facial. It became more of a catch up session with all my beauticians. Gosh…considering that I am their long-time customer (hahahaha been going there since they opened like 8 yrs ago), they seriously were so freaking excited for me & told me how they seen me grow over the years. It was really scary to know that these gals actually saw me through my uni days, my marriage period, moving house period, even through my cyst removal period & my numerous uncountable job changes till now…having a baby. The fact that they remembered everything that I told them…it was totally amazing. They even tell me what to look out for when giving birth and all. It did not help when they said I looked totally about to pop & my tummy moving lower…got scared for a moment that I will deliver on that spot. Then again, it was a happy & relaxing moment with all the chi-chat & extra care + inccessant amount of fluids served to me.

Ooo and of course visiting Eli again via scan. He always surprises me each time I go for the check up. This time, my weight gain was too rapid. 2kg in 2 weeks. NOT A GOOD SIGN. Turned out that Eli’s weight had doubled. From 1.2kg in week 32 till now 2.6kg in week 34. WOW. He is drinking the amiotic fluid in my tummy rapidly enough. Knowing that he is big enough to be born like NOW…I am actually quite happy. At least any signs of pre-term birth wont be a super small size kid that I will be scared of to even touch. Just pray that his organs are well-developed enough. 🙂

Heard amazing stories from Sally & Ellen during our short meet up. Impressed by Sally’s sis who just gave birth recently. The drama is amazing!!! hahahaha Subset’s India stories were also fascinating. All the jumping of train, sleeping in bunks, gate-crashing a Goa wedding & all. Superb experience & adventure.Totally triggered my travel genes to just escape to somewhere out there! It was a good meet up and catch up session. Hope that today’s meet up with Tzi, Hua, Brin & Ash will also be a great one. It’s been seriously a super long while since we last met. We seemed to meet more often in the past. Guess now that I am preggy…its tough. Today will be venturing into Holland V. Now that I am so huge, I seldom go to such places anymore hahahaha I seemed pretty confined to the NEL places. SADZ.

Anniversary is coming up. Tml actually. Unfortunately Uncle Markie will be busy at work. Nonetheless, we will be celebrating with our delayed ‘tang yuan’ des sert and my kick-ass variety show.  Can’t wait! Have missed quite a few episodes already. Upset that the uploaders are not in town but they need a breakie too right? Hmmz…

This weekend will be another whirlwind of spring cleaning. This time at my mum’s place. Have to ‘welcome’ the sickening COURTS pple who freaking cannot get a simple delivery address right & of course tidy and clean the room up in preparation for my confinement.

3 more weeks to go. Am hanging in there as best as I can. I am sure Eli can’t wait to come out soon. He has been squirming massively almost every hour these past few days. It’s as though telling me “Mummy, BEWARE…here I come! WHEE!” (-_-)”

Fat Chubby Eli @ Week 31

Eli…are u puffing your cheeks? U are seriously looking more & more like a chipmunk. & yes! Dr Yvonne is not exactly a photographer but it’s ok – as long as she topz & whizz in Obstetrics and Gynaecology!  Please stop putting stretch marks on my tummy. It’s totally covered with marks already. I doubt there’s any more space for you to add any more pressure or marks to. Oh, did I mention that at 31 weeks, you are 2.1kg? Your tummy along is about 28cm long. According to the chart, fetus at your age is about 1.6kg, 41cm long. Ahem…so get it? I am telling u that u need to ahem…absorb the right nutrients only. Being 30% heavier than normal average bbs not exactly a thing to be proud k…haiz…

Another 5 more weeks & we will see u in person! I am seriously counting down u know. Uncle mark’s & my hospic bag are 60% packed. Just left mine & your clothes to be washed & for the breastpumps & nipple cream to be delivered. Though I have to admit, grandparent’s place still in a mess. Have not bought the containers to put all your stuff in yet. Gosh!

Anywayz, I am still counting down happily. Hope u will not be too long & heavy for me to carry. It’s tough u know. Esp since I never had strong arms. Not sure how I can handle u…hahahahaha anywayz, let’s see your progress next week. Meantime, please stop jabbing me too hard. Soft soft k! Arigatou!

My Tummy = Eli’s Playground

As Eli grows bigger day after day, my tummy is also facing the stretch. So much so that stretch marks have started to appear despite me applying the lotion three times a day.

This means that I have to really work on my figure the moment I give birth to Eli. Since I am like OBESE now…and totally looking swollen & bloated…it’s going to be a long long while before I regain to the original state which I already look like shit. No more revealing clothes. Not that I ever wear any…but SIGHZ…swimming as a sport in the future will be tough.

Anywayz, so after the last visit…I have been diagnosed with impaired glucose tolerance. What it means? Basically I have slight gestational diabetes. Eli is not able to assimilate food very well when I eat like too sweet items. The best part came when the doc told me that I will need to take a glucose test once a week. I was thinking “Oh…that’s all right! No prob!”

Until the nurse told me, “you will need to take the test once a week, 7 times per day! VERY EASY ONE.” For a moment I thought I heard wrongly until I saw the huge bag of needles, alcohol wipes & the blood tester kit. GOSH. Prick myself once is aka wanting my life. Coz my pain tolerance level is near 0. Pricking myself 7times?! Seriously is no joke. Not to say I have to write down every bite, sip that I took for that day.

All for Eli! Apparently if I do not take this test and do it diligently, I will be causing Eli to have a drop in his glucose level and that’s bad. Coz his body will not be able to get the sufficient nutrients & energy required.

So last weekend, Uncle Mark made me wake up at 630am. Prepared my daily breakfast of cereal with milk & we waited patiently till 645am to take my first test. GUESS WHAT?! We wasted 3 needles coz we did not know how to use. Being me…I gave up…hahahahaha ate my breakfast at 7am & then proclaimed that we will take it again on the upcoming Thurs/Fri & Sat/Sun. Turned out…we were putting my finger to the wrong hole all this while. No wonder the needle did not jump out of the spring to prick me. Sighz…

So after all the trouble taken in the morning, Eli decided to play stunts in my tummy. He started rumbling from left to right & right to left. When I lie on my side..he starts to grind down to the skin area & do tons of kicks and rumbles. Good is coz I know he is there, active & moving. Not good coz it means that I cannot sleep in peace and every turn is a sudden surprise that made me stop doing what I was doing.

Looking at his scans again…Eli really looks so damn chubby. I do wonder how he will look in real-life. Of course apart from being healthy…I do secretly wish he will be a good looking boy. But sighz, with uncle mark & my genes…TOUGH LUCK!

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Kudos to Isotonic Drinks

Not sure how things work. But I think my weekdays daily dosage of H-2-O does help in preventing my legs from cramping up at night. Weekends, I just glup down tons of water.

Apparently, there was this particular weekday day where I did not drink any isotonic drinks. When night befalls. GOSH. The sudden acute pain in my small calf totally jerked me awake. It was so painful that I had to grab the sheets & just scream out loud. Uncle Mark seriously thought I was going into labour. It was frightfully painful….the whole calf just stiffened and any movement felt like pins & needles pricking into something super hard. Since my tolerance level for pain is at a all time LOW, obviously I reacted as though I was in mega pain. BTW, it was MEGA pain. Uncle Mark just sighed & patted my calf to sleep. NO HELP!

So…not sure how I am going through the C-section. I dun react well to anethestic. I dun think I can bear the idea of hearing the doc cutting me open. Neither can I bear the thought of knowing that I will be in major pain after being sewn up. GOSH. HOW HOW HOW. I want Eli out but yet….Sighz…seems like it’s so much easier to plant things into a human body than to retrieve it out.

Been reading up quite abit on all the delivery stuff related to c-section. QUITE SCARED. Scared just coz of the pain that will be inflicted on me. SIGHZ….but the more pain I think it will be…the more I want to think & read about it. Perverse right?! Then again…that’s the whole fun, no?

Eli is happily kicking me again while I am typing this post. He loves to use the elbowing technique to make me feel his existence. I wonder why…hmmz…

Feeling Shitty

Shit feeling.

I really cannot stand my fat face, fat arms, legs and body. Was examining myself in the mirror over the weekend and seriously wonder how did I become such an ugly bitch.

Not that I am blaming Eli. But Eli is definitely not helping me. I am ballooning every other day and waking up with bloated arms, legs and feet. It’s painful and tiresome to walk. Considering that I am already fat (pre-pregnancy). I am just getting fatter. I dread to see myself in the mirror every other day. No clothes are also fitting anymore. I am growing out of them faster than u can say “Hello”.

& I actually see pimples popping up on my face! GROSS. Though I know it’s all due to hormonal changes. I am seriously considering hibernating myself at home. So that I dun have to face the world.

Of course, it does not help that I have developed angry rashes (like herpes) – shingles behind my ear. All thanks to the low immunity present during pregnancy. Now I have to deal with the stupid chicken pox virus dormant in my body who suddenly decided to awake out of the blue & fester behind my ears making my head so damn freaking in pain. GOSH! To think that the forums and docs all say that it’s super rare for pregnant women to get shingles. PLEASE. I am like one in a few thousands suffering. Of course, this leads to me freaking out for uncle mark who never had chicken pox before. Though it’s not contagious. STILLz… I cannot bear to take care of him when he is having chicken pox + it’s so freaking dangerous.

If only the next 3 mths whiz by faster. I seriously cannot wait for things to start moving at a faster rate so that I can concentrate on just getting slimmer, breastfeed & play with Eli everyday.

sobz…tonight have to go home & start cleaning up the house. How exciting. GRRR wonder if I should buy the de-stress toy so that I can start whacking something to feel better.