Housey Update!


Toilet tiles are done!

Kitchen tiles are done!

All within e house that are supposed to be removed are removed.

Walls for 2nd bedroom is up and running! Pending 1 partition to be built in my master bedroom.

Bathroom items including heater all bought. (a shop in Jalan Besar – cheap & good)! – overall $2.3K

Kitchen appliances (oven, fridge, aircon, washing machine, dryer, tvs) bought. (Mega Discount Shop @ Kallang Leisure) – overall about $8.5K

Lights bought. (Lights Palace) – Owner damn zai. Really like a businessman – overall $3K

Dining table, chairs, bar stools, study table, bookshelf and tea table all bought. (S&C Furniture in AMK) – overall $3.5K

Bed bought. (Loving Serta – Diamond Suite!) – overall $2.2K

Sofa bought. (Not bad – I chose the colours & they made into a display piece – SY Living) – overall $2.8K

Doors, floor & carpentry laminates all selected.

Now, pending only the actual 3D image of my living room together with the colours selected.

Hmmz, doing up a house is really not easy.  I really think it’s not possible to get everything done within 1mth.

hahahahaha, at least I took 3 mths. From Sep till now & major parts still pending! 🙂

My contractor (Izo Design aka Aspero Design) – Jackson is really quite good. At least he tried his best to accommodate the style & colours that I want. Afterall, renovating a house like this one is quite hard to manage the interior design. There are so many weird recess areas that I feel like strangling the person who designed this flat structure.

Simplicity is BEST! But no. They had to come up with weird designs like having the windows protrude inwards instead of outwards. SHEESH…

Anywayz, more on the reno updates to come.I will be so proud of the outcome since I was mainly the one who decided on the colour combi & furniture items! 🙂

Can’t wait! kekekeke

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