Day @ Siloso

It’s a freaking hot weekend.

Thanks to SAF, we got a getaway @ Siloso Beach Resort which proved to be highly disappointing.

Of course, there’s this open caveat of Eco-friendly theme which totally covers the whole idea of having only 2 bath towels in the room, old furniture and a super small TV. Everything including the hard bed screamed ‘RUN-DOWN’. Together with the whole facet of the resort with wires hanging from signatures and the sight of a lift undergoing maintenance the moment we stepped into the resort ground floor spoke a lot of what we were going to be having for the night’s stay.

Interestingly, the reception is located all the way up on the 7th floor where we went up a forest-like canopy to reach a really small reception desk area. Not interesting enough to cover up all the other flaws that we saw. Nonetheless, we made the most out of the day with swims and sight-see.

We took the bus, the tram, strolled around the island to see many places under going construction. Never-ending construction actually. Never once have I ever seen Sentosa without cranes and soil. Food at RWS was good. 1st time we ate Mexican food at a super child friendly restaurant. The note here is child-friendly. Not toddler friendly. LOL. Thank goodness, Eli slept through our dinner so we could ate in peace.

The best part of the trip definitely was the beach. The sunny, less grainy sand allowed Eli free-play and finally his maiden entrance into the cool waters (albeit unclean) sea. It was definitely an eye-opener for Eli since just in front of beach play, tons of cargo vessels were seen.

Of course, a holiday must have min 2 chillout sessions. Long gone was alcohol. In tune with the older age is caffeine and loads of it. Pure bliss of just ice straight tea and a tiramisu on the side.


Above all, it was a good weekend albeit scorching. At least we got out of Punggol-Sengkang area. Eli is changing day by day. Growing day by day. I can’t wait for his terrible2 age where maybe there’s a higher possibility of him telling us what he wants to do and where he wants to go. Till then, Koh Samui…we are all ready to busk in your sun, sand, sea! 🙂


Pics From Sentosa