Drama Addict

Watched too many dramas recently. Cant believe my drama power…

Just finished the korean drama – He’s Beautiful (Minami Shineyo) & now onto the Cinderella’s Sister…OMG..she is so damn pretty la…constantly with that baby face!!! & the OST GORGEOUS!!! by Yesung from Super Junior! Totally fantastic to hear…Cant wait for the next few episodes…I wonder if anyone has watched the MV..it’s so touching..makes me wonder if the show is going to be the same but apparently there are already words out there saying it isnt going to be.

Variety!!!! apart from my daily dosage of Kang Xi Lai Le…oh manz…2 days 1 night!!!!! SO FUNNY!!!!…always make my friday 1120pm so damn happening! The show ROCKS! The team ROCKS MORE!!!! The team of 7 (sadly going to be 6 soon) are really a good band of brothers. Each need the other to make the whole show hilarious & entertaining. No wonder this variety has such a long standing in Korea…COOLZ TO THE MAX…hopefully Starhub can do better & not just cast repeats like on alternate fridays..make me anxious & pissed off only.

We Got Married Season 2…only into the CN Blue & SNSD couple…but freak…MBC has to freaking go on strike…& made me miss so many episodes of the subbed version…I CANT WAIT!!!! HURRY HURRY be kind & serve me my dosage of WGM…still miss the first season though…the couples had so much more chemistry!!!

Taiwan drama – Finally that ‘Because of you’ show has ended…lousy plot..but that main OST has sinked into my brain cells – not too bad a song…Still hooked onto the PSman..how I wish it’s a everyday series than a weekly thing. I recently noticed the new one…by Da S & Huang Xiao Ming…OH it really looks like a good show…produced & act by Peter Ho also…I wonder if the series look as good as the trailer. Intrigued..hope it comes out fast!

Missing out alot on Japanese dramas & animes nowadays…no longer have the pull factor…think Korean still top for now… 🙂

SIGHZ…cant believe I follow TCS shows..but I actually watched The Pupil. & WHAT A STUPID ENDING!!! IT WAS FREAKING NO ENDING! Really ah…waste my time watching it.

I want more dramas…sighz..who is there to fix my addiction! 😦