Revisiting America’s TV Series

Being a drama addict, I can’t help but exhaust the list of taiwan, hongkong and korean dramas so damn quickly.

Just the past few months, I think I have watched at least majority of the major hits of 2012 across all the drama lists. Totally feeling B.O.R.E.D. Thankfully I can survive on Dramabeans + Running Men + 2 Days 1 Night (occasionally…still cannot overcome the change in cast…bleh) weekly. Though I miss having more in-betweens.

With Glee Season 4 and How I Met Your Mother Season 8 coming up…and my fave Masterchef US Season 3, boy I am glad. Great tunes, great plots, great silliness and fantabulous entertainment!

Love the intensity of the series in all and kudos to uncle markie for being the sole provider in everything including my americano dramas! LIKES!

How can anyone live without TV? Me no fanthom…hahahaha I am such a screen addict that I am truly amazed with myself sometimes…

GOSH…I just can’t stop gaga-ing over all the newest glee renditions of the songs. They are really wonderful. I can replay them million times and still be in love with the various songs. HUGZ!

Totally Happy…life is really all about simple joys!