Hongkong 2014

Magical Disneyland now takes on a new different meaning for me. It used to be a land of laughter and happiness. This trip adds on another layer of love! It’s so cute to see Eli’s reactions to the rides and meeting the Disney characters upfront.

This trip was hectic. First day, we arrived rather late and could only manage to go to Avenue of Stars to see some sights. Then again, it’s the same sights with BIGGER billboards and flashier neon signs. Second day, we woke up rather early to catch the boat to Noah’s Ark. Not a very popular tourist destination in HK but it was a good experience. The island was very self-sufficient and totally resemble Sentosa. As usual, anything to do with animals is Eli’s fave.

Third day is OMG Disneyland. I apparently caught the flu bug or suffered from the bad air in HK. Couldnt breathe properly without wanting to sneeze every other min. GRRRR….spoilt the fun. Didnt even stay for the fireworks. Good thing is Eli is properly entertained by all the rides and shows. It was still fun!

Fourth day was Macau. Disappointing. Nothing fantabulous. Thanks to Dreamworks, it was still a trip to look forward to. Eli loves Alex and of course, he got 1 to bring home. Toothless was super duper real! The person in the suit must be sweating like hell from the yoga position.

Last day, we headed to Citygates and did some shopping. AH….end of HK trip. What have we done?! Time just zoomed past. Thankfully I love vacations for the ability to stay in hotels and not do some cooking or cleaning for once. YIPPEEE!!

Back to SG – reality check.

Maybe the next holiday to Aussie will be more relaxing and happening. Time to start planning and hitting the Google travel button for more tips/deals/whatsoever!


Nebulising Eli = uphill task!


After reading this mum’s blog entry. ..It’s comforting to know e similarities between her child & eli. E elmo obsession is smth I use as well but much force is still required to get eli to plaster e mask to his face. Today after much cajoling (stickers, tickling, singing songs) & trying to make e whole affair fun…eli managed to breathe in for 10 counts. Though little,  I am not complaining. It’s a start.

It’s still a chore to get him to take medicine since we strictly deprive him of sweet drinks. Rather he does not like them much.  Not even milo. It’s very fortunate when pediatricians from thomson & raffles gave e green light to feed via milk. Apparently, there’s many mums out there who does the same.  Just spoke to some parents today and they shared their way of feeding milk. Exactly e same!

Sometimes I feel that too much autonomy is given to Eli. Independence trait I do see in him yet sometimes I rather he let us do e best for him.

E fighter pilot pic taken when Eli was 6mth old does help as well. Maybe tonight’s dosage we can proceed to 20counts.



Series of Fevers & Flu

When I started vomiting in the toilet every other morning…there were 2 possibilities that flashed through my mind. 

1. Pregnant. Now, I look pregnant. Unfortunately, I am not. Just fatz. 

2. Uh Oh. Flu coming. Stupid mucus stuck in between my windpipe and gullet area. Sick. 

Of course, the 1st option is out since I just had my period. So option 2 it is. 

It’s really fine being sick and all. Not able to hear my beauty voice as per normal. Having to deal with mucus overload + ear blocked + unable to project my voice etc are incomparable to Eli falling sick. 


The silly way life paves out for you. Time for vaccination, Eli had HFMD. Finally, able to get a slot with the anchor doctor in the same clinic, Eli started to have fever. GRRR. Totally never know when we can complete the stupid jab. 

And I was still thinking of getting Eli the Chicken Pox jab once this MMR vaccine is over. URRGGH. 

Hate it when children fall sick. I was so in shock when I saw Eli’s temperature at 39.4degrees, 3am last night. That’s the funny part. He goes through the whole day in school not having any fever or symptoms of any illness and his fever comes back ridiculously high in the middle of the night. Whatever flu bug is this, please just leave us alone. Exhausted.

As I am typing this, I am blowing my nose hard on whatever scrap of paper I can find. Gosh. So difficult to even breathe. 

All I can hope is for this crazy bug to go away. Guess it’s high time to sterilize my work area.

Hfmd Crisis

I thought it was a simple case of fever and sensitive skin. Unlike other children, eli’s skin has never been of the best. Bb acne and milia since birth plus ezcema, rough hands and feet are things I can deal with. Hfmd?! Sighz

As the term hfmd goes, there must b blisters on e hand, feet and mouth ulcers. Eli has only e mouth ulcers but a whole range of rashes across the arms, legs and butt. It was scary!

The moment the school called informing me about Eli’s high fever and spots spotted…I immediately rushed home and sent him to the doc.
Doc’s Response: It’s just fungal infection on the butt. Sensitive skin. Fever gone. Just monitor.
Medicine – I got the usual. Zrytec, paracetomol, fungal cream…

Ok. Relieved.

Then it got worse. More rashes across the legs, arms, face.
Took leave, sent Eli to the pd. Obviously, I was worried that the rash indicated chicken pox since there was a case in his school just a few days ago.
Doc’s comments on 1st visit:
Please observe…the rash can be caused by many different types of virus. Bad breath though. Please clean his teeth. Hmm, think you can observe for hand foot mouth. If got ulcers….please come back. But must be tml. Not open during the long hol period. Anything like vomitting, diahrrea, please send to KK.

OMG! Went home in difficulty. Immediately researched everything on hfmd. And wondering how best I must stock up the house with food and disinfectant. Afterall, we have to have homecook meals. Calls, plans…so many things. Dr Google obviously did a great job. Alleviated a lot of my fears. Prep me on the amount of things I require. Dr Google simply makes me feel that I am not alone.

So that night, 1 mouth ulcer was spotted. Disappeared. Came back…WTH.
Doc’s comments on 2nd visit:
Confirmed. Look at his throat. So red. No blisters on hands and feet. Will come in a few days. Monitor. Lots of fluid. No going out. Dun sleep together. Dun share bed. Wash hands.

Seriously. Dunno to laugh or cry. We have been sleeping together on and off during his sick times. Eli loves to stick around us like glue especially during his sick periods. It’s like making up for lost affection during healthy periods of time. Afterall, when he is healthy and able to run around like monkey…he never stick to us for long.

We did lots of marketing. Bought quite a bit of groceries to tide us through at least a few days.
Entertainment portion for Eli is the hardest. The toys he have seemed to only engage him for a few min. He gets bored super easy.

Day 1 (upon confirmation) – Word World. That’s like my saviour. Side track – he learnt a lot of words through this program. Dog, duck, shark, apple, bear, stuck, heart, balloon… Totally love this program. Then we drawings, fed him almost every other hour. Read books and played spot the items.
Football. His favourite spot. Actually anything to do with balls is his favourite.

Day 2 – Thanks to uncle markie…we have 1 more person to help entertain the LO. Played a whole lot of balloons, read more books, went downstairs for a short walk in his stroller while avoiding all the people around. Just wanted Eli to get some sun and be outside for the moment. Of course as civic minded citizens, we did not allow him to touch anything except his stroller and us. No playground nothing. Just pure stroll in the park. Thankfully, Eli was cooperative and he actually slept in the stroller, enjoying the breeze. Kudos to nature.

As this day also coincides with National Day, I made a small flag line for Eli to educate him on National Day and albeit proud of the country. We aren’t the most patriotic but we do express our thanks in littlest ways.

Day 3 – Dance in the morning, reading, destruction of magnets. Played rolling of balls. Watched Word World. And learning of more words. Finally he knew how to say ‘mummy’, ‘thank you’ and ‘puhlease’! Of course, on his whims.

In the midst of all, we cooked, cleaned and disinfected the whole house. Bought lotsa dettol. Despite the pd advice, we still ended up hugging and carrying him. So hard to avoid a toddler’s xxoo. Inevitable I would say. Snacks of all sorts are also a favourite. We fed Eli with loads of fruits from watermelon to dragonfruit and apples to oat crackers, bb star cereal, milo and his black rice cereal. Anything to keep him hydrated and happy. Hates a crying fellow.

Watching movies and catching up on my dramas are also a must. Afterall, I am so intrigued by the sick humanity of personas featured in Çrazy Love that I so must carry on watching to see how the story develops. Then we have variety show to add a tad flavour in the genre of shows that I am watching. We also caught some movies during the pockets of time where Eli sleeps. Under the Tuscan Sky is one of the best movies we reminisced. Great show.
We still have 3 more days to go.
Fingers cross that Eli will be well on wednesday.

Being the responsible me, I do wonder how best I can finish the syllabus with the children and aid in revision if I am not ther. Am worried about their grades since exams are approaching. Especially the headache they gave me on the recent chapter where I even specifically went through every question. Grrr.

Anywayz, I think we handled things as they come pretty well. Glad it happened all during the long weekend break. Guess, things do happen for a reason.

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Toddler & Vacation

Prior to my Taiwan hols, we did a lot of research and packing. Really scared to be missing out on any details to entertain and care for the little one. Albeit 17months with better immune system, Eli still required tons of TLC and we were afraid of the illnesses that may come during the trip.

The amount of items we packed for him goes on and on. The only item surmountable would be his crib – we gladly left it in Singapore.

The anxiety started just a day before departure. Eli was done with fever and a slight flu. We self-medicated. Monitored. Alternative plan – searched through all our itinerary and started thinking of how to claim insurance. Dealing as best as we can with the situation.

Fortunately, Eli became better with lowered temperature and we set off w uncertainties.

Plane ride with a toddler. My first time. How I felt? Super anxious and afraid. I was certain at that time that Eli would kick up a big fuss. Uncontrollable ruckus. Other passengers’ glare and disapproving looks + thoughts. Stressed. Armed with a whole load of entertainment, we brought stickers, handheld toy, story book. I was totally expecting SQ to provide me with some fun entertainment for children but they sadly just provided me a small pen and book which Eli did not even take a second look at.

Thanks to the toddler biscuits, small teddy bear and stickers, we made it through the flight. OMG! It was quite chaotic the first time round. Having to prepare milk, patting him to sleep, feeding him constantly with food of all sorts, changing diapers and trying to prevent him from going anywhere – Challenging. Fortunately for other toddlers on board as playmates, I think we pretty much made it through and through. Whew.

Just into the 2nd day, Eli suffered a mild heat stroke. That once again created another change in the itinerary. I was quite upset initially. No more going to Cingjing Farm. $ wasted. Efforts in liaising with driver etc…all gone down the drain. Grrr…Then again, the poor fellow had to see a doc. Near our hotel, we met a really nice doc who was able to advise us considerably. After his advice, Eli’s diet took a complete change. No more constraints on the food we give him. Anything also gives. As long as the poor boy was eating and DRINKING, we were happy. Fortunately, no diarrhea experienced. Lucky us. I never ever thought of giving Eli fruit juices coz of the high sugar content, isotonic drinks, sesame mee sua, sucking on duck wings/chicken leg, roast pork rice, buns of all sorts, porridge with loads of condiments, tea leaf egg, sushi rice with tuna etc etc etc…and YES. WATERMELON CUM PAPAYA CUM APPLE…tons of APPLES. That settled the boy and drove the heat stroke away.

Then came night terror. So Eli was happily playing till he was so tired out and yet refusing sleep. When it’s nap time, he started to sleep in a sitting up position in my arms, as we were in a cab. Any slight movement of my arm caused him to scream at the top of his lungs with eyes opened widely staring at me and yet not registering me at all. No amount of patting, changing of hands to pacify him worked. So we stood outside Taichung Sogo’s entrance with a wailing baby shouting and screaming for close to 30min before we decided to just head back to the hotel before we got chased away. It was utterly embarrassing! The people around me must be wondering how come 3 adults cannot pacify 1 child. What’s their problem and poor kid. We did the best we can to no avail. It was only at the hotel when Eli really quietened down and slept through. Boy, he must be tired. Tired me as well. Night terror is really no joke! Experiencing it firsthand made me think twice of disturbing his sleep EVER.

What’s best for a toddler on vacation? Indoor playground. Thanks to Taiwan being a baby friendly nation (more friendly than Singapore), we were very happy to see a lot of nursing rooms, hot water dispensers and playgrounds built specially for children/mummies in the shopping centers and around facilities like the MTR etc. And boy, the playgrounds were CHEAP! $8 for 2 hrs play. The playground had more facilities than I ever see in Singapore. LIKES!

Worries like lack of milk and diapers at the last day also happened. Thanks to uncle markie and poor him, he had to rush to Carrefour to purchase milk. In his haste, he fell and hurt his knee. Common knowledge like knowing to mix new milk powder with old milk powder had to come in and we were so afraid that Eli would suffer from diarrhea from the slight change in formula. Thankfully none of it happened and he was still a happy baby. We brought sufficient diapers. How sufficient? The last diaper we had was used up the moment we touch down in Singapore. Lucky Lucky.

Vacation with a child is just not easy.
Will I travel with Eli again?
Definitely but I think I will require a longer vacation after that.

My day of work…what’s yours like?

It’s so difficult to squeeze in some me-time recently. Esp w uncle Markie serving e nation. So these 2 weeks, it’s me, Eli and my mum every evening.

I am not sure if it’s due to the environment that causes e fellow to reject my mum or he is just throwing his weight around to show off his temperamental side, taking care of him had became difficult.

His clingy behavior and any slight deviation from his eye zone made doing anything difficult. That includes going to e toilet, making milk or even bathing tough.

It’s quite ridiculous to see him cry at e slightest thing like my mum touching him and he pushing her away…but my mum bathing him is possible coz he loves water. At night he must wriggle to my side of e bed and personally watch my hands patting him. A change in personnel results in e best brawling his eyes out. Of course all these behavior is nil at my parents’ place. No tantrums, zero problems. Just hyper. And people ask me why I always say Eli is naughty when he is quite manageable outside. Answer, his true colours only manifest at home!

Anyway, out of e toughness, routine sets in pretty strictly.
My typical day now look like this:

530am-wake up, pack Eli’s school bag, make milk, pack my own bag
630am-get Eli ready in e midst of cleaning him, changing him & settling him w a story or watching word world
700am-send Eli to school and rush to work
745 till 4plus is pure work. Of course there will be days where work ends later like today…6pm and I am still otw home…😵
5pm-reach home to cook, clean e floors, do laundry, get e rubbish out and wash bottles (freaking never ending chores)
6pm-fetch Eli!
Then it’s a whole routine of changing, feeding, bathing, going for walks, reading stories, watching word world and calling uncle markie to say good night…all in a span of 3hrs! Total whirlwind!
9pm-after much difficulty settling e kiddo to bed, it will be marking books time…
11pm, 2am, 530am feed milk…e day seems never ending. And all thanks to e clingy boy…he rejects being with my mum alone…I have to do pretty much everything. Totally terrific!

In midst of all, my typical day at times feels like a hurricane. Makes me miss uncle markie…at least e share of attention from Eli will relieve me greatly!

I never really felt the taste of freedom so badly until e morning when I placed Eli in infant care prior to work and e sudden instant wave of gladness, relief and other mixed emotions overwhelmed me! Totally hundred percent likes! Felt guilty for a split second for thinking myself to b a bad mum but really! Wow!

Then perverse me sets in again in e day looking at his photos and go aww..my incorrigible brat! Look at him grow blah blah…sighz

Sometimes I do wonder. What did I get myself into?

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