Mass Update!

Many things ongoing…starting w e latest date that uncle mark and me had. We went for a sumptuous buffet prior to e Harry Potts exhibition. Sadly, things didn’t turned out that fantabulous…
Food could b much better. Exhibition was B O R I N G!!!! At least have more interactive elements?! Hmmz I saw only clothes, books and statues…



Then there’s an onslaught of medicine to administer for Eli. All e nose, mucus, phlegm issues…Urgh! Recently, Eli developed a screaming at night prob…turned out that he feels insecure. So e current solution is to sleep w him. All e plans of independent sleeping out of e window! Totally need to retrain him again!


Went shopping at taka…bought hogh chair, bibs and toys! I guess after all e shopping, Eli does love his new toys! Noisy snail and messy hangers!


Had great outings w friends! All e personal chit chats – nice! Feels great to have different company 🙂

Caught up w my new drama addiction – goodbye my dear wife! Loves!!!! Of course e weekly dosage of running man also brings much needed laughter! 2days 1night is great disappointment. Caught up on long vacation drama…haha missed jap dramas… Total housewifery (this time minus e cooking hahahaha). Just focus on keeping house clean w my collection of dramas…Whee!!

Got back to amore regime. Didn’t think much bout e city square mall branch initially…But whoa! Loved it! Spacious and e fact that I can use e steam bath all to myself!!! Wonderful! 🙂

Of course being able to get great massages felt fantastic…wondering if I should extend to spas…happy that next week I get to go for my facial..ahh another enjoyment!

Attended a wedding…reminisced e couple times which uncle mark and me had, prior to Eli…carefree and different. I am still adverse to e idea of holding a wedding dinner but definitely happy to attend.

Oooo another great discovery! Able to re-wear my engagement ring! Diamond diamond I miss ya…uncle mark did comment e ring lost its luster but hey! a $10k ring will always remain gorgeous! Now I just need to get my wedding ring back to my fourth finger! Yippee!!!

Of course! School hols is in…what’s more but to enjoy! 🙂

Planning to bring Eli to places next week..still pondering how far can we explore new places w me needing to nurse…loving hols! Whee!!!

Contractions & Addictions

I am absolutely looking forward to the arrival of Elijah. However, it was not very pleasant yesterday at the weekly routine check-up to know that Eli is gradually having little space in me.

His poor knees are bent to accomodate his large tummy. I totally blame uncle mark for having his height. Recently, Eli is also getting quite a bit of hiccups – which explains the pulsating effect that I feel every night. Poor kid. I have issues of hiccups. Didn’t know it was ‘hereditary’.

So as per the lastest scan, I am having contractions that I am totally clueless about. TakingVentolin now which helps prevent preterm labour. The side effects only were felt when I left home for half an hour to get lunch. The cold sweat and trembling is no joke. I thought I was about to faint outside. Every step I felt woozy.

Well, as long as I do not give birth at home, any pills prescribed to me – gladly take it! I dun really want to go through the pain of natural birth. The pain doesn’t sound ‘natural’ at all. Even while typing this entry, I feel pressure below which makes me wonder are those even contractions or just purely my imagination.

It’s so scary!

While, fortunately I have Kairosoft games to help me pass the time & distracting me from the pressures. Anxiety wont help. I just want Mon to come quickly & see Eli face to face & start on my recovery process. After which, a safe entrance to NIE & start of juggling between work + kid + family + friends + exercise all over. Looking forward. I am officially tired of bedrest.

Tml will be a busy day packing up clothes & stuff to my parents’ place. Shall hang in there!