My Version.

After the 2 leads married & had enough fun as a couple, they decided that it’s time to add a new member into the family.

The addition of a new member into the family sounded daunting last year. Nonetheless, the girl knows that it’s part of life and it does makes the family complete.

So, the boy and girl decided to go on a trip to Korea in Apr 2011. It was not to make babies. Rather, it was their yearly travel affair to spice up their marriage. However, the lots of garlic, delicious, healthy and colourful dishes coupled with fresh air from the mountains + lots of walking along coastal trails and mountain trails led to a little one being conceived on Apr 27 2011.

After that a series of morning sickness, check ups, aches and all sorts came about. Pregnancy time was tough. The girl regretted a gazillion times along the way but had no choice to persevere on (especially since the outcome was irreversible). Finally, on the 16-Jan, at about 1.22pm, the little one was born.

The girl and boy were happy, glad, tired and decided that this addition does changes things quite a bit. To the boy, more $$ flying out + multiple sleepless nights. For the girl, massive disfigurement & aches all over.

Nonetheless, they welcome him literally & figuratively with both arms and do hope that their family will grow nothing but stronger. LOVEZ!

Uncle Mark’s Version (after taking care of Eli for a mth, here’s his verdict)

Lately, the pest family was feeling a little incomplete. They decided that additions are required to the family. As the cost of garbage was getting higher, they decided that instead of raising a brood of little pests they should focus on just having one.

9 days later, ELI was hatched. Now, Eli was no ordinary pest, he was an extraordinary one. His appetite shamed his locus cousins, his noise deafened the cicadas, his fart would power a NASA rocket and his waste would  fertilize sufficient crops to solve world hunger.

As Eli the extraordinary pest grows, his parents wondered if they did the right thing bringing him into the world. What were they thinking…

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