Jay Chou 2010 Concert

Apparently I dun have much happenings in my life at this point in time.

This concert certainly perked me up! It was a good concert. I miss my younger days! How I hope I can go back to being young again!!!!! 🙂

Lucky Uncle Mark

Yesterday…me went to Urban Write & got Uncle Mark his long time desire of HEADPHONES!!! Not cheap..but at least it fits his big mega ears…wahahahahaha…& it comes in multi-colours…quite pretty…so uncle mark got his nice pressie…& of course…this weekend, we have another surprise!

Our dear Harris team will be sending us a nice cake with maybe a complimentary Harris band? hahahahahaha excited to the max!

Cant wait for today to end & then it’s time for my weekly dosage of 2 days 1night. Starhub better dun play punk on me again! I DUN WANT TO SEE REPEATS…any repeats..I will definitely write a nasty letter to complain. People pay cable for variety of shows not for repeated shows!

YIPPEEE…Friday, my BFF you always make my day! I LOVE U!!!!! 🙂 Jay Chou…you should make Friday your bff..then you wont write depressing songs like superman cannot fly…oh wait..hahahahaha maybe u dun need a friday since everyday u are quite depressed.